Artificial Grass and Turf

TS Landscaping install high quality artificial grass and turf

Artificial grass takes away the hard work involved in getting your garden to look and feel like the place you want to spend all your time and also saves you the cost of gardeners or hours of hard labour through out the year.

Artificial grass is an excellent option when considering turfing and landscaping. High quality artificial grass is resilient, looks great, and does not change with the seasons. You don't have to worry about patchy grass or winter.

Contact TS Landscaping today for a free survey. We can help you choose the right turf for your garden, and from there complete the full installation of all artificial grass. Any old turf will be removed, and the ground prepared, before laying your new artificial grass.

TS Landscaping can also install fresh turf, giving you pre-grown grass without the drawbacks of seeding and growing it yourself. We use only the best grass, and choose it to ensure your turf is suitable for garden use.

Waste will be cleared away at the end of the job, leaving you with a garden that looks perfect and will last for years.

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